In addition to reviewing this privacy policy (‘Privacy Policy’), please read Terms & Conditions as presented on the website Your use of the Sites CONSTITUTES AN AGREEMENT to’ Terms & Conditions. takes the privacy of its customer data very seriously. Please read this Privacy Policy in full to understand how the Sites will treat your entered personal data after it has been collected by through the Sites.

In the unlikely event of this Privacy Policy changing, will inform you via the Sites’ homepages, by requesting you to tick the acceptance box prior to being able to continue your use of the Sites. However, assures you that it only uses your data, as entered by you on the Sites, for legitimate business reasons and as specified in this Privacy Policy. Continued access and use of the Sites by you will CONSTITUTE YOUR ACCEPTANCE OF ANY CHANGES OR REVISIONS to the Privacy Policy.

One of the goals of is to bring you information that is tailored to your individual needs through the use of the Sites, whilst at the same time protecting your privacy. The information set out below is a summary of the various ways in which treats the information you provide to it whilst using the Sites.

The Type of Information collects through the Sites generally collects personally identifying information through the Sites with your specific knowledge and consent. It can collect data on you from a variety of different sources. These include:

  1. when you purchase products or services from the Sites and knowingly provide with your personal details;
  2. when you become a subscriber to newsletter;
  3. when you activate an account;
  4. when you speak to’s call centre agents and provide them with your personal data including, but not limited to your name, address, contact details (such as your telephone numbers and e-mail address), and credit card details (collectively, ‘Personal Data’) either telephonically or by email;;
  5. via explicit data capture measures, for example by entering competitions and/or completing surveys; and
  6. via implicit data capture measures such as studying which pages you read the most via the use of cookies.  For a better understanding on the use of cookies, please refer to the clause named ‘Cookies’ below.

In any of the above cases the data collects may include Personal Data, whilst optional information such as your age, location or gender may also be requested.

How uses Information provided by You

When you make a booking via the Sites or give any Personal Data, may need to collect information about you to complete and/or process a specific transaction (such as a flight booking with a specific airline), fulfill your order and provide you with the services you expect at the time, and in the future.

As per South African data protection legislation may send you promotional information if above personal data is held through a completed transaction.

UNLESS YOU PROVIDE REYNOLDSHOLIDAYS.CO.ZA WITH YOUR EXPRESS CONSENT (either via the Sites or directly to, it will only disclose Personal Data to third parties if it is required for the purpose of completing your transaction with, provided that may disclose your Personal Data to certain permitted third parties, such as members of’s own group, its own professional advisers who are bound by confidentiality codes and/or when it is legally obliged to do so. There may be occasions when is legally required to provide access to its database in order to cooperate with police investigations or other legal proceedings. In those instances, the information so provided shall be solely for that purpose.

The Sites retain and use your Personal Data to provide you with the best remote commerce experience by providing you with a personalised service and to give you details of offers which thinks will be of interest to you. may also use your Personal Data to process any transactions you undertake with and for internal administration and analysis. shall not sell, rent or trade your Personal Data to third parties for marketing or any other purposes without your express consent (except as specifically set out in the paragraph immediately above).


The Sites use cookies. A cookie is a piece of text stored on your computer or smart phone by the web browser. Two types of cookies are described below:


Session cookies: These are used to maintain a so-called ‘session state’ and only lasts for the duration of your use of the Sites. A session cookie expires when you close your browser, or if you have not visited the server for a certain period of time. For example, if you consider your journey through the Sites to be a conversation with, the session cookie reminds the Sites where was in that conversation (for instance if at some point in the conversation you asked to add a hotel to your basket, next time you click on the basket it will still be there). Session cookies are required for the Sites to function effectively but are not used in any way to identify you personally.


Permanent cookies: These cookies outlast user sessions and store a unique number on your hard drive in order to identify you as an individual user. No Personal Data is stored in permanent cookies. You can view permanent cookies by looking in the cookies directory of your browser installation. uses permanent cookies to identify you between Site visits. For example, if you were browsing Cape Town hotels last time you were on the Site and has a great hotel deal in Cape Town, it may use a permanent cookie to recognise you and show you this deal. These permanent cookies are not required for the Sites to work but may enhance your browsing experience.


Although you cannot block session cookies as they are required for the Sites to function correctly, your internet browser can be configured to reject permanent cookies and is dependent on the type of internet browser you use. Please refer to the relevant internet browser manufacturer's website where you should be able to view the steps in rejecting these cookies if you wish to do so.

IP Address

Your Internet Protocol (‘IP’) address is usually associated with the place from where you access the internet, like your Internet Service Provider, your company or your university. may use your IP address to help diagnose problems with its server, gather broad demographic information, and administer the Sites.

Data Protection Legislation’s head office and operations are based in South Africa, and it therefore operates in accordance with applicable South African data protection legislation.


By disclosing your Personal Data to using the Sites or via email or telephone, YOU CONSENT TO the collection, storage and processing of your Personal Data by (either physically or through the Sites) in the manner set out in this Privacy Policy. Some information and e-mails sent to, via direct email or in response to its feedback system, may be used as testimonials on’s communication channels (e.g. social media pages) or on the Website. In this event, no e-mail addresses or contact details will be displayed.

Opt-Out Policy’s newsletter subscribers have the option to opt-out of receiving further information from There is an "unsubscribe" link in the footer of each email you receive.  Alternatively, send an email to to unsubscribe. The client may also contact us to unsubscribe to any of our marketing material.

Change/ Modification of E-mail Details

To change your e-mail address details, send an e-mail with your correct details to:


If you need to modify or change your Personal Data after you have made a purchase on the Sites please contact as soon as possible.


If you have any questions or concerns about the information holds about you, please do not hesitate to contact on the relevant contact details set out on the Contact Us pages on the Sites. address: 76 4th Street, Springs Gauteng, Johannesburg, 1559, South Africa. Tel: +27 11 812 6800


PAIA Manual



Mary Reynolds Agency Services (Pty) Ltd trading as Reynolds Travel Centre is a travel management company that provides travel services and other travel related products on behalf of third party service providers such as airlines, transport, tour operators, accommodation, hotels, shipping companies, car hire, visa suppliers, rail and cruise line operators, wholesalers and other providers of air, land, sea or any other travel arrangements, products or service. 



2.1 The aim of this Manual is to provide assistance to potential Requesters as to the procedure to be followed when requesting access to records held by Mary Reynolds Agency Services (Pty) Ltd trading as Reynolds Travel Centre and its group entities, herein after referred to as Reynolds Travel Centre, as envisaged in the Act.


2.2 The records contained in this Manual are available from Reynolds Travel Centre by means of a Request addressed to the head at the address as set out in clause 4. A Request form is attached hereto. If the Request is granted, all fees, as prescribed in section 54 of the Act must be paid before any Request can be processed. The fees payable were originally published by way of Regulation Gazette No. 23119 Vol. 440.


2.3 Reynolds Travel Centre reserves the right to refuse information where such information falls under a specified exemption as set out in chapter 4 of the Act.








3.1 Act – the Promotion of Access to Information Act, 2 of 2000 together with all relevant regulations published.


3.2 Manual – this manual together with all annexures.


3.3 Office Hours – 08:00 am to 16:30 pm Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.


3.4 Request – a request for access to a record in terms of section 53 of the Act.


3.5 Requester – a person making a request for access to a record, as defined in section 1 of the Act.


3.6 SAHRC – the South African Human Rights Commission.


4. SECTION 51 (1) (a) – OUR DETAILS

Name of Body: Mary Reynolds Agency Service (PTY) Ltd t/a Reynolds Travel Centre

Physical Address: 76 4th Street




Telephone Number: 011-812 6800

Website Address:


Head of Body: Frederick Reynolds

Postal Address: PO Box 163



Email Address:

Information Officer: Frederick Reynolds




5.1 The SAHRC compiled a guide on how to use the Act in terms of section 10 of the Act. The guide contains information required by a person wishing to exercise or protect any right in terms of the Act. The Act grants a requester access to records of a private body, if the record is required for the exercise or protection of any rights. If a public body lodges a request, the public body must be acting in the public interest. 


5.2 Requests in terms of the Act shall be made in accordance with the prescribed procedures, at the rates provided. The forms and tariff are dealt with in paragraphs 6 and 7 of the Act.



5.3 Requesters are referred to the Guide in terms of Section 10 which has been compiled by the South African Human Rights Commission, which will contain information for the purposes of exercising Constitutional Rights. The Guide is available from the SAHRC.


The contact details of the Commission are:

Postal Address: Private Bag 2700, Houghton, 2041 Telephone Number: +27-11-877 3600

Fax Number: +27-11-403 0625




6.1 No notice has been published in accordance with section 52(2) of the Act regarding the categories of records freely available without a person having to request access in terms of the Act.


6.2 The following categories of records are however freely available without a person having to request access in terms of the Act. The information may be requested from the Information Officer:


6.2.1 Marketing and promotional material published by Reynolds Travel Centre;

6.2.2 Information as published on the website of Reynolds Travel Centre.

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